With the desire to bring peace of mind and satisfaction to you when making a purchase at Pô Kô Fair Agricultural Cooperative, Pô Kô Farms – Beyond Good Coffee brand ownership, we support the return policy as follows:

1. Goods delivered in an incorrect manner, wrong order content or missing quantity compared to payment::
We encourage you to check your order before signing the delivery slip to ensure that the goods are delivered in the correct way, type, quantity and color according to the order. If the goods are not properly delivered, please contact the order officer immediately or immediately notify the hotline 0914.245.145 so we have timely treatment.

After 3 working days from the date you received the goods, we have the right to refuse to support the change of goods for the complaints according to the above content.

2. Goods delivered incorrectly with the quality and flavor of products according to the previously unified requirement:

Pô Kô Farms highly recommends the stability, consistency and uniqueness of each product line that we have cherished to customers. After disussing, submitting samples, customers agree to order according to the sample product, we will conduct production, packing in accordance with the accepted sample. In the absence of the commitment of the previous product, we will conduct new product and exchange of goods for you at least 7-10 days

You can refer to the details of the product or please contact our Customer Care team via hotline number: 0914.245.145 or send by e-mail: pokofarms@pokofarms.com.vn for further assistance.

Your Sincerely,

Pô Kô Farms – Beyond Good Coffee