Pô Kô Farms – Beyond Good Coffee

Pô Kô Farms focuses on not only increasing product quality but also contributing to community development and doing many meaningful activities. Good Coffee Founded in early 2009, as one of the first 03 coffee farmer organizations in Vietnam to be Fairtrade certified, over the years Pô Kô Farms has tried it best to produce good…

Responsible producing

At Pô Kô Farms, product quality is always focused on improving days by days and strictly controlled. We always take care and strive to improve every day in all stages from planting, tending, harvesting, processing, roasting, packaging to preservation and delivery. Cultivating comply with sustainable agricultre standards All farmer-members of Pô Kô Farms commite to…

Our mission

Pô Kô Farms aims to become a cooperative that specializes in producing and supplying high quality Fairtrade certified coffee as well as agricultural products for current buyers and new customers in the future. By growing and selling Fairtrade certified coffee, Pô Kô Farms wishes to improve farmers income and quality of life for their households….

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